History of the facility

The place in which there is currently the hotel is inextricably connected with the history of Ełk. The town is almost 600 years old. It was established on an island of the Ełk Lake. Currently, it’s an artificial peninsula on which there are ruins of an old castle of the Teutonic Knights. On the other coast of the lake, a settlement has developed. A railroad, which reached the town, has brought urban development. In 1868, a railway station was built. From there, a road, whose straight shape was formed by the life, was led towards the contemporary city centre. The street was named Dworcowa (“Station Street”, currently Armii Krajowej Street). In the middle of 19th century, behind the building of a church, a magnificent edifice of middle school was built which was then expanded in 1913. The building of the today’s hotel was built in the same period. It was a villa of the headmaster of the middle school. The facility survived both world wars in pristine condition. In the post-war times, when Ełk became part of Poland, in the building there was located the Association of Polish Youth (Związek Młodzieży Polskiej) and from 1950 – State Music School. Town’s citizens, walking by, could have often heard beautiful melodies played by the students of this school. The building is covered by lush greenery and old trees. In the summer, its decoration is a garden full of blooming flowers and bushes. This place seems a quiet, charming corner. Since 1991, the facility was taken over by the Ełk Municipal Office as its headquarter. It has been in private hands for several years. It has been thoroughly renovated.
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