Source: Urząd Miasta Ełk
Ełk is a fascinating, historical town in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. Surrounded by numerous lakes (the Ełk Lake and the Sunowo Lake, among others), it is the biggest town in Masuria, maintaining its intimacy, charm and unique character. What’s important, the town lies in the middle of the Green Lungs of Poland, achieving high air purity indicator not only in Poland, but also across Europe. The true history of the name of the town remains unknown, however some say that it comes form the work „Łęg” which means a coastal meadow. Other theory suggests that it comes from the word „Lek” which in the language of the Yotvingians expresses white lily. However, we believe that the roots of the name reach the word „ELK” which in Prussian means “MOOSE”. In recent years, the town became more beautiful and underwent an enormous revitalisation. A new infrastructure, especially by the Ełk Lake and on the Promenade, has made the tourist stay more attractive. Along the lake there have been created educational and bicycle paths with points overlooking the whole town skyline. In Ełk we will find both monuments of the old culture and art, as well as places created by nature.

What to see in the town of Ełk:

1. The Castle of the Teutonic Knights

The most famous monument of the town of Ełk is the Castle of the Teutonic Knights, built in 1406 under the guidance of Urlich von Jungingen. Initially, the castle was built of wood, but it was destroyed by a fire. Reconstruction has deeply changed the look of the former stronghold. To the castle leads a historic bridge, surrounded by water, beautifully illuminated in the evening.

2. The Ełk Lake and the Promenade i Promenada

Extensive sports and leisure facilities support lovers of active recreation. By the lake in Ełk there has been created a guarded urban beach as well as sports equipment rental (canoes, pedal boats) and a marina. It’s a place where you can spend your time chilling, in peace and quiet. A long, well-kept promenade, from which there is a magnificent view of the lake, attracts both tourists and residents. The vibrant place is full of restaurants, which offer fresh and tasty fish, cafes and pubs.

3. Museum of Water Drop

The Museum of Water Drop is located in the Water Tower which was built in 1895 and which allowed to supply citizens of Ełk with water. In the museum we can see interesting exhibits – original, old devices, as well as a gallery of old photos showing Ełk from the 20th century, among others.

4. Narrow-gauge railway

It’s a historic railway, built from 1910 to 1917, from which you can admire the architecture of the town of Ełk and a magnificent landscape of the surroundings, reaching the village of Sypki.

5. Jan Paweł II Square

The place of summer cultural events, with amphitheatre, fountain and a statue of Saint John Paul II. A well-shaped plant space with water elements encourages meetings and leisure.

6. Historical Museum

The most important museum in Ełk, opened in 2012 by the residents because the exhibits and exhibitions, which present history and culture of the town and its surroundings, come directly from them. A particularly interesting object is the historical rolling stock.

7. Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A characteristic religious building in the town centre, built in 1850. It has an ornamental decoration in Kashubian-Masurian style. Its biggest attraction is the anthem of the town of Ełk, played everyday at noon.

8. Water park in Ełk

A swimming pool complex with numerous attractions. Both adults and children will surely have a great time here. There are waterslides, swimming pools, paddling pools for toddlers, sauna and relax zone, and jacuzzi available.

9. St. Adalbert Cathedral

A historical church in Neo-Gothic style from 1893. The cathedral draws attention not only by its architecture, but also delights with its furnishing, where you can admire numerous historical, Gothic sacral objects.

In order to find out more, it’s worth to visit the official tourist portal of the town of Ełk.